This machine sells T-shirts in the center of Berlin just for 2 euros, but you would not buy them

In the center of Berlin there was a wonderful social experiment, which made people radically change their mind about cheap clothes. Did you know that some people work 16 hours a day for just 13 cents per hour? So that we could wear comfortable clothes. 

On the central square of Berlin there was installed a machine that gave out ordinary T-shirts for only 2 euros.


Cheap, isn’t it?


But no one bought a T-shirt at the good price


The machine clearly showed what a terrible secret was hidden behind “a cheap T-shirt”


Very often minors work 16 hours a day


… only  for 13 cents per hour!

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Do you still want to buy a cheap T-shirt?


And of course most of the people generously donated money



This social event was held on April 24 at the day of memory of the tragedy that occurred in 2013 in Bangladesh. Because of the destruction of eight-storey building of the Rana Plaza  garment factory 1133 employees died. They produced clothes for American brands in unsafe conditions.