A Parable About Self-confidence

A good parable about self-confidence and about how not to afraid to start.

Притча об уверенности в своих силах

An entrepreneur was heavily in debt and could not see the way out of the situation. He ought creditors and suppliers every day demanded the payment.

He went to a park to have a walk, but his had was full of thoughts. The man put his head in his hands, mentally sorting options that can also save the business from bankruptcy. Suddenly an old man appeared.

– I see that you have some troubles, – he said. – will you share?

The businessman told him about his problems, lack of money and the bank’s refusal to give at least some credit. The old man listened without interrupting, and then said:

– I think I can help you.

He asked the entrepreneur’s name, cutted a check and put it in the surprised man’s hands.

– Take the money. I’ll meet you here in a year, and you’ll give me them back.

And the old man disappeared in the crowd.

The entrepreneur looked at the check. It was for “$ 500,000” and the name – “J. Rockefeller” blow was written below.

“I can solve all the problems in an instant!” – He thought. Instead, the entrepreneur decided to put the check in the safe. Just the thought of it’s existence gave him the strength to work to keep his business.

With the newly increased optimism he concluded contracts and extended payment terms. He managed to make a few big sales. Within a few months he got out of the red and again began to earn money. And a year later he returned to the park with the same check.

The old man reappeared again. The man was ready to pay the check and to tell about his success, when a nurse ran up to him.

– I’m so glad I finally caught him! – She said. – I hope he does not bother you. He often runs away from home and tells people that he’s Rockefeller.

The enterpreneur stood blind-sided. All the year, he had been doing his business, buying and selling, being fully confident that at any moment he might come to the rescue of the half-million dollars.

Suddenly he realized that no money, real or fictioned, turned his life on it’s head. His new confidence gave him strength to achieve all that he had then.

Take the initiative. At a crucial moment your self-confidence plays the major role.