What I have learned for 21 months without leave

I’m a workaholic. Sometimes it seems that the only thing that I can do well is work. To be precise, I worked without leave about 21 months. My first vacation for the whole time was on the last New Year holidays.

In fact there’s no need to have a rest

Чему я научился за 21 месяц без отпуска. Изображение №1.

Many people think that the best rest after hard work – it’s sleep, a sofa and surfing on the internet. But after a while you realize that the day of rest does not give satisfaction and makes you unhappy. Fatigue is also felt differently: feeling tired after work does not mean that your energy is over, it means that it’s time to have a break from one activity and switch to another one.

WHAT TO DO? Learn to switch instead of the evening sleep prepare dinner; instead of scrolling on a social network  meet a friend or a clean the house. This improves your attitude to yourself.

Let your colleagues work a bit

If you are a workaholic or a person with a gentle nature, you probably love to take on many responsibilities and finish the job for others. Not even because you was asked, but because of the fact that the work was done badly. But thi will lead to bad consequences. Your inexperienced colleagues ill learn nothing, and you will lose time and will not take care of your business.

WHAT TO DO? Do not hush up the problem and discuss it with the manager or the person due to which the problem occurs.

At some point, you won’t have any idea

Чему я научился за 21 месяц без отпуска. Изображение №2.

If you work a lot on some intellectual (not physical) work, then after a while you will run out not only energy, but also ideas. The idea – it’s a thing that recovers for a long time. This happens because our world gets quickly narrowed to job responsibilities. When, except your  work, you nothing, and the desire to get interest in the world disappears.

WHAT TO DO? Make yourself to be interested in the world: reading, not watching TV; go to the city center, and not to a store; call a friend.

Do not be afraid to talk about the problems

The first problems may be in relationships with loved ones and friends. Conflicts with the girlfriend/boyfriend can begin early. Around the same time, you will begin to grow apart your friends. It may happen that you won’t know what to talk about with friends. This happens also because the world has revolves around the work.

WHAT TO DO? Talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend about what is happening and why you work so hard and are afraid (I’m afraid that will not be enough money to pay for the apartment). This will really help to clarify the situation. Respond to friend’s messages and call someone.

Don’t lie

Чему я научился за 21 месяц без отпуска. Изображение №3.

Almost all managers want you to have job done faster. This is normal (although sometimes it is simply impossible to meet deadlines). And when you work at two jobs, it’s even more difficult.

WHAT TO DO? Do not ever lie. Excuses work well only the first three times. It’s better just to explain why such terms are impossible. If you still don’t meet the deadlines, why to cheat? And leave these three excuses for those occasions when you really have problems.
Do not put on airs

When you have a lot of responsibilities, it is necessary to cope with them quickly. Otherwise you will fail. But the faster you work, the more you believe that you are almighty.

WHAT TO DO? Calculate the time to the project, taking into account all the delays and errors.
Take a hold on yourself

Believe me, it is better to do the work immediately than to find things in a terrible state the next day; It’s better to get up in the morning than to berate yourself for irresponsibility. This, as well as changing activities actually improves your health.