What sex will be in future

Freedom of sex determination and orientation

The idea that gender and sexual orientation are predetermined from birth is no longer dominant in society. We gradually get used to the fact that a person can be born with the “other” gender and have sex-change operations. Many transsexuals do heroic educational work to explain to the skeptics how the change of gender has changed their lives for the better (one of them – Lana Wachowski, who along with her brother Andy is the creator of the trilogy “The Matrix” and the film “Cloud Atlas”).



Recently, Germany has become the first European country to recognize the existence of a third gender – specifying the gender of the child parents can choose “indefinite.” The grown-up child can independently specify which sex he classifies himself. This is true for people whose hormones and reproductive organs do not allow to specify the sex for 100%. For example South African runner Caster Semenya, whose ambiguous gender identity caused a scandal at the Olympics in 2008.


Virtual reality



If soon virtual reality will be provided at the expense of helmets and motion sensors, the future integration of technology into our body may be much extreme. Cameras or costumes that generate tactile sensations, smells, pass them directly to the brain may one day become a reality – related technologies exist now.

In 2011, the studio Pink Visual demonstrated a technology prototype that allows  to put the user into porn. To do this, bring to the laptop camera printed out card, after which a service using augmented reality technology, puts a stripper from the screen into the user’s room.



Already exist technologies that can affect a person directly through the nervous system. In 2008, the “Orgazmatron” unit sent out an electrical impulse through the nerves of the spinal cord to stimulate the pleasurable sensations that arise in the female genitalia. The study found that thanks to this four women who had lost the ability to get an orgasm again were able to feel sexual.






The development of robotics can provoke a revolution in the area of sex services. Improved artificial intelligence, realistic materials and flexible configuration can meet all needs of the user. Robots will replace a certain part of the sex workers, users may spend time in specially equipped facilities or at home. In America, the first sex-androids are already sold.

Robots’ appearance can be changed using virtual reality devices. In 2008, the Japanese had already demonstrated a prototypeof a mechanical silhouette, on which animated hologram of a girl is superimposed. For the filming of pornographic scenes for the “Nymphomaniac” movie by Lars von Trier were used technologies that allow to put faces of the actors on the body of a double. In the near future, having pictures of other people, we will be able to transfer their appearance on the robot or in the generated especially for us porn.

But even without the use of virtual reality AI researchers claim that by 2050 people will fall in love with robots, marry them, consider robots as partners, experience tenderness and jealousy to them.

Remote sex



In order to experience the intimacy with your partner, you do not have to be next to him – virtual reality will work for singles and for couples in love. Less sophisticated kinds of devices that allow us to feel each other at a distance, even with less realism, may appear very soon. For example, the Durex company recently unveiled a prototype of sensor underwear that  begins to vibrate after the command from a smartphone of one of the participants.

Other developments, existing in this area at the moment are quite “harmless”. There are pillows that simulate partner’s heartbeat. Social network Couple for two simulates “a kiss at a distance”, making the phone vibrate when both partners simultaneously click on the same button. Spreadsheets  application collects statistics of sex, including the duration, volume, and frequency.

Sexting acquires new forms that are not only social networks and instant messengers, but also applications to send self destruct photos like Snapchat.


Toys for adults


Sex toys is surprisingly conservative industry – innovations penetrate it rather slowly. But there are already manufacturers who use in their products best industrial design and user interfaces. For example, the LELO company, relying on reviews of their testers, makes pleasant and ergonomic vibrators. One of the most successful LELO models is called Siri. Customers are willing to support good ideas in the sex industry in using crowdfunding.

Blogger Mikah Elizabeth Scott in 2012 wrote an article Hacking My Vagina – instructions for self-assembly of the vibrator, which is able to adapt to the vagina. And a manufacturer of male prostate massagers Aneros managed to create its products around a powerful virtual community that is actively involved in the testing of new models and discussing their experiences in the forums. Thus, adult toys industry begins to use all the possibilities of the Internet: crowdfunding, hacking, creating a loyal community. All this makes sex toys even more accessible, improves their quality and “decriminalizes” in the eyes of ordinary users.