30 lifehacks for every day

We allways try to understand how to live better – we learn to meditate, save money, relax and work properly. However, there aren’t limits of perfection, as we know, so we collected thirty simple tips for every day to help make the next day even better than this.

  1. You’ll remember information better, if you wright it down.

  2. Copy text with the combination of buttons [ctrl(CMD) + SHIFT + C]. It will copy the clear text without formating.

  3. Take photos of people with the things they borrowed from you for you to remember who took it and when.

  4. When hammering nails, hold it with a clothes peg, not with fingers.

  5. Turn on seats heating and put pizza on the passenger seat – it will keep it warm while driving home.

  6. Filter all e-mail mail-out by keyword “unsubscribe”.

  7. For you not to forget that you locked the door before leaving do something unusual while closing the door – dance or tell yourself a joke.

  8. Take photo of your filled fridge – it will be easier to go shopping the nex time, you’ll know what to buy.

  9. Warm ice cream: prepare a cupcake in a waffle cup.

  10. Put a spring ot the end of the phone charger, so the wire doesn’t break by bending.

  11. Drink as much water as you can.

  12. Wanna pay less? Allways ask for a discount. Not all promotions are in view.

  13. Sleep in day-time. An hour nap “resets” the body.

  14. Give up eveything you got used to. Any dependency remains only a dependency.

  15. Did something ridiculous in front of many people? Just pretend you did it for a dare.

  16. If you want to gather all the family members in a room, turn off wi-fi router.

  17. Smile before answering the telephone. Your voice will sound more friendly.

  18. Save everything on Google Docs. You’ll never lose a necessary document. Google saves it every second.

  19. If you’re the smartest person in the room,  you should change your company.

  20. Work in full capacity on Mondays, so your brain will tune in to a productive week.

  21. At a party hold your glass in the left hand, so won’t handshake with your wet and cold arm.

  22. To make learning language more pleasant, read your favourite as a child book in this language.

  23. The easiest way to win in a discussion is to ask many questions.

  24. Ventilate your bedroom before sleep.

  25. The two most worthy spending money things are shoes and a bed.

  26. Try not to answer with the words “No, but..” in the begining.

  27. Are you upset? Ask yourself if you’ll remember this in 5 years.

  28. Allways come 10 minutes earlier to an appointment. You’ll get used to it.

  29. Stop using smiles and brackets ending your message. You’ll  remember a lot of beautiful words.

  30. Set yourself time-limits before getting down to work.