Ordinary women tried on Victoria’s Secret swimsuits









“Of course, I always wanted to be like the girl from the magazine. But anyway, this is not possible, so I’m still waiting for a girl on the front page that will be at least a little like me. “



“No one is physically perfect. Only Photoshop makes  us perfect. We should always remember this “



“I wish I was a 13-year old girl who does not care about these stunning figures of the Victoria’s Secret “angels”. But I’m not 13 and I’m not concerned. Yes, I love burgers. Yes, I dream to be like these models. But I’m the one who I am, and I am glad to be who I am. “



“At the photo shoot I was most worried about one thing: how the hell this girl was able to turn her hands this way? From this I realized that being a model – it is a huge work. But if to try well, it is possible to achieve the same result as the models in the front page. We don’t try hard enough. “



All these magazines make me feel imperfect. I look at the models in swim suits and I can not imagine that this will look normal on me. These girls are undoubtedly beautiful, but in reality, ordinary women don’t look so. “



“What long arms has this model! And I look completely unnatural. But now I know what posture doesn’t fit me. All this time I thought, “Christine, what are you doing? From now, everyone will know your terrible secret that your arms and thighs are made of marshmallow! “But you know what? Everything is fine! And the marshmallow fine, just like me, just like you “


Remember, regardless of your body shape and your size … you are beautiful!