How to relax on the weekend

Mark Taylor in his study of Tell Me Why I Do not Like Mondays proves that people on Fridays are much more satisfied with their lives than on any other day of the week, and the researchers from University of Gothenburg consider Sunday the most dull day of the week and even talk about the dangers of so- called Sunday neurosis. Two of these facts, in fact, explain the main problem of the weekend: they come too quickly and end too fast.

However, it does not happen to all of us. For example, sitting  next to me our news editor last weekend shot with a crossbow, and the week before he made his own sauce of jalapeno peppers grown himself, while I was lying on the couch with a pizza and a bandaged foot – and the problem is not that I have no crossbow, strong ankles, imagination and willpower, but the inability to organize the space around myself.

[blockquote source] The inability to organize the space around myself. [/blockquote]

Let’s admit why we go to the bars and clubs –  not do to get drunk and then painfully recover all the next week. We go there to stop the constant connection with our laptops and to see all our friends at the same time at a party is easier. John Hellivela and Sean Wong, authors of the study Weekends and Subjective Well-Being  confirm the obvious idea that at parties, we want to communicate, and not destruct ourselves: the effect of relaxation on the weekend depends mainly on how much time we spend talking to people. If you talk on the weekend with friends and family at least for half an hour more than on weekdays, the overall level of happiness will grow by at least 2%.

With high probability, fifteen shots in a row will help to relax, only 16% of all the people you met at the bar. Going to the bar is not the best way to “relax”  – ​​just call your friends to any otherplace. In the end, the zoo is much more convenient to talk at.