How to survive on the first few days at a new job


The first days at a new job – it’s always a great deal of stress. New office, new colleagues, new responsibilities, new everything – it takes time to get used to the new conditions. Sensible employers understand this and are more exigent to beginners. At the same time the opinion about a person is usually formed by the first impression, and then it is difficult to change.


Do not hesitate to ask questions, be initiative, avoid conflicts, remember the names of colleagues, smile, dress like the others – it’s important; but the easiest way to leave a good impression – is punctuality. If you are at least in the beginning will come on time or a little earlier, you will create the impression of a responsible reliable person.


”  Although the first impression is determines a lot, over time, it becomes less and less important  “


In order not to be late for the first time, pre-calculate travel time from home to the office and do not forget to add 10-20% of the time for unforeseen circumstances. In addition, take care of health: have a good sleep and try not to catch a cold in the first days. If you hold on the first time and get a reputation, then you will be able to relax.
“In my experience, it was in the early days when superiors and colleagues make an opinion about the new employee. They evaluate his “normal” behavior and what “kind” of people he is. If you already in the first days are late or don’t come, you are missing one of the best opportunities to get their trust. People will perceive you as seriously, as how seriously you see yourself and your job. “