Write down your emotions




Happiness is usually associated with changes in life – but after increasing revenues or movinginto to a larger apartment, you can still remain disappointed. Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Paul Dolan says that happy people are more likely to pay attention to what brings them pleasure at a time. He advices to focus on the daily pleasures, to make happiness a habit.

Dolan advises to honestly record your feelings from daily activities to understand what is really fun. The more data, the more accurate conclusions. Once you understand what makes you unhappy, try to avoid it – even if the changes seem small and insignificant.

An unhappy person has an off-centered focus of attention that became a habit.

According to Dolan, if you properly plan your day and include as many things that bring pleasure, as possible, it will be easier to start thinking in new way. And although it seems too simplistic, the impact of the habits on our lives should not be underestimated.

“People think that we need big solutions to do the issue of happiness justice,” he says. “There’s this belief that anything worth having has to be effortful, but really the opposite it true. Just make happiness as easy as possible.”