Digital Etiquette: Use the selfie sticks

Do not mock: there are cases when it’s ok to use a monopode.

Although selfie sticks areconsidered “Invention of the Year” by the Time magazine, many people just do not love them. They  distract others from what is happening, are potentially dangerous in a crowd and symbolize narcissism and self-respect, for which it’s relevant to blame. That’s why selfie sticks are officially prohibited in all public places: museums, sporting events and even music festivals.

However, what was their predecessor? Before the it came into wide use, an efficient continuation of human hands were just other people, often unknown. So, before you take a selfie stick, try to answer the question – could you in a similar situation ask a stranger to take a picture of you?

Not all places or visitors would be glad for inadvertent glory in your instagram – and they have complete right to do it

From this we can deduce the basic rules. First, do not use sticks in public places where you might accidentally hurt someone or hurt yourselves. Second, use them exactly as prescribed: selfie stick is better to remove as soon as you have finished photographing.

Once you start taking pictures, selfie stick gets in the center of attention. With its help it is easy to make a group photo, and not to worry about how all the participants look in it. Just choose a right perspective. The stick automatically takes pics from the top so people look better.