5 reasons why you do not need iPhone

iPhone is the most popular gadget used by people of all ages. But prices have increased, and many of us now have to pay attention to the devices of other manufacturers in other platforms when choosing a phone. Perhaps you are one of those who do not buy the iPhone? 

1. High Price

In the US, the price starts from $ 650, in other countries it is even higher.



Plus, if your smartphone costs more, this does not mean that it is twice as good as the cheaper models from other manufacturers. You can find a gadget with a slightly worse or comparable characteristics, but with the other platform.

2. You do not need exclusive iOS-application

App Store – is the best mobile application store. Developers have created many exclusive programs and games for Apple. But do you really need them?


Most users need about the same set of programs: a good browser, email client, instant messengers, social networks, navigation, photo editors. The overwhelming majority of iOS-application has its own version for Android and Windows Phone. So why to buy iPhone, if you are able to solve your everyday tasks with the help of the other smartphones?

3. You want to stand out from the crowd

iPhone is not an element of style and individuality anymore. Seriously, if you go out on the street, every second passer-by has it in his hgand. Yes, you can buy a case, make engraving or even order a wooden bumper, but what for, if you can do it with any other phone?


4. You do not have a Mac, and other “apple” devices

Apple itself is a good thing. The devices interact and allow to work with the same files,  to answer calls and SMS from your computer. However, before you buy an iPhone, think about whether it will be easy to use.


A lot of features, such as iCloud, Safari bookmarks, iCloud Drive, Handoff, Continuity are based primarily on teamwork of iOS and OS X. If you have no other Apple devices, you would be deprived of the most of the advantages.

5. You do not like the iOS. For various reasons

If you’re a geek who loves tinkering in the “guts” of a smartphone, changeing OS and setting shells and launchers, the iOS is definitely a bad choice. No jailbreaks can be compared with the possibilities of Android customization. Another thing – if you actively use Google services, the choice of mobile OS is too obvious.


In addition, not everyone likes the design and interface of iOS. Many users like Material Design for Android or tiles in Metro for Windows Phone. You may have your reasons not to like iOS, and all of them can be a valid reason not to buy iPhone.