Moving to another country: my personal experience

“Twenty-two,” for me it was always a fatal number. I was 22 when I decided to completely change my life and to move to another country.

It all began in 2011 … But today, I am sure that I’m where I was destined to be.


At that time I was already a graduate and just started working at a volunteer porganization that was arranging volunteer camps and sending volunteers in voluntary camps abroad. It was an amazing place. I felt like I was a step away from anywhere in the world, like I could get where I wanted. I worked as a coordinator of volunteers abroad. While working there, I decided that sending people to volunteer camps, and not experiencing it myself was at least wrong, so I decided to try it on my skin, that is – to be a volunteer.
At first I wanted to go to Portugal, but it turned out that in this country there were no camps for volunteers. Then I started to consider other options that, at first glance, didn’t look so attractive: Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia. I stopped my choice at the last option. I can not say that I was guided by something other but intuition. I was accepted, the tickets were purchased. In June 2011, I went to Croatia.
The time spent in the workcamp  was really wonderful! We organized the HGF music festival in the small Croatian town of Zabok. Unforgettable atmosphere, lovely and hospitable people, a lot of new and interesting places! The invaluable experience. In the camp, I met lots of amazing people, one of them turned out to be my future husband 🙂 But then I did not yet realize it. After returning home, I continued to keep in touch: we texted and called each other every day, sharing newsand so on.



I decided to spend New Year in Croatia, and then we thought over how how I could move there. After a year of long-distance relationship I realized: I had to move. I should say that moving to another country is not so simple. How to convince my parents? What my family and friends would think? How to settle there? How to find a job without knowing the language?

The goal was set. Then I needed to understand how to achieve it.

Where can I be helpful? What do I know and what can I do (without knowing the Croatian language), that they do not know and can not do?
Here my education of a linguist-teacher became useful. Aha! I can teach English, Spanish and Russian languages at a Foreign language school!

The first step was to write a CV and a cover letter that will make a decent impression and will convince my future employer, I’m the type of person that they need. I read lots of CVs and examples of different motivational letters. A few days later my tools for job search were ready.

The next step was the search for potential employers. I created a table where I collected all the language schools contacts that found in Zagreb. Having made this table, I started sending out my CV. I got some “light” answers, most schools did not respond to me, but two schools got interested. We agreed on two interviews in Zagreb,  appointed on 10-th of September.

Of course, it was hard for my parents to let go their daughter to another country, but they supported me!

2, 5 years passed. I live and work in Croatia, at one of the schools where I sent my CV. Two years after my move, I married a man, whom I met during my participation in the volunteer camp. I can’t say that I’m completely accustomed to life here and that I feel like home here. But I have absolutely no regrets about my decision. I live in a beautiful and picturesque place, I have a great relationship with my husband and many plans for the future. I’m happy!



Why have I wrote it? I would like to share and to show by my example that, no matter how difficult the situation may seem,  everything is possible!
And you need forthis only four things:
Firstly, clearly defined and stated purpose.
Secondly, the true desire: because the desire is the engine. In my case, I wanted to win! I wanted to move to another country, to find work, to learn the language, to adapt to life. Despite of all that I was said, despite the economic crisis during which it’s very difficult to find a job in Croatia. I wanted it and I did it.
Thirdly, you need to have a clear plan,  step by step.
Fourthly (and I think this is one of the most important things), you need to believe in your goal and as if it has already happened! As if it’s not a dream but a reality. Believe, think positively, do not feel sorry for yourself. Be determined and confident! Listen to your inner voice – it will certainly tell you where to go and what to do!