How and why I accustom myself to wake up at 5:10 am

I want to tell you how I succeeded. A few months ago I comprehended the benefit of this decision.
Theoretically, it is clear: ifyou get up early, you have more time. I’m not an early bird or a night owl. I just don’t care.

No one cares. The main thing is the state of mind.

I started doing it. At first I used to set musical alarm clocks, different melodies – funny, sad, loud, quiet – it was still hard, I had to force myself to wake up. I can’t stand forcing myself. Forcing yourself is evil. I just could not wake up.

The main conditions of easy waking up for me are:
1. Comfortable alarm which is not annoying. In my case it was the vibration of the bracelet. You can have your own version.
2. Availability of the program of action for the morning. That is pre-planned actions that are to be surely to be done and are 100% to be fun.

The usual morning to-do-list for me is as follows:

1. Tocome to my senses.
2. To weigh myself.
3. To drink a glass of water. With lemon.
4. Push-ups and squats. Today I had to do 72 push-ups. Tomorrow I’ll have to squat 84 times. “Not much,” – an advanced in fitness reader would say. “OK” – I would answer him. Me, who two months ago weighed 106 kilograms, and now only about 90.
5. Shower (with singing).
6. Breakfast.
7. Understanding of business and vital activity for the day.
8. Free writing (that’s what I’m doing right now, and you’re reading).

The most important thing in all of these points is that youy’re not in a hurry: between push-ups I take out the ingredients for breakfast, prepare coffee, I can safely stand under the water spray feeling heat or cold. I have time for it.


There’s nowhere to hurry. For me it is a motive to get up tomorrow as early because the brain starts to remember that morning it is really good. In the morning I can think slowly and it’s easy to cheer up.

I was only able to make sense of my eqarly waking up after understannding the comfort of leisured morning.