Seven tips on how to find yourself

I never understood how we can work just to earn money. For me it was much more important to find and realize my vocation. To know my talents, to develop my potential, to create something different, unique … and the one who follows his star will always hawe the money, I am sure!
Of course, I knew that I would never become a second Mozart, Van Gogh or Pushkin, my role in this world is much more modest, and therefore it will not be so simple as these geniuses to define. 


What should I do to realize my talent?

Tip 1. Field of interest
Each of us is bound to have some interests in life. It’s what we do in every free minute, not expecting any reward for it, and that gives us a real pleasure!
Remember the main character of the film “PS. I love you”. she was in love with shoes! Her wardrobe was full of exclusive, unusual shoes, which she lovingly sought out in the boutiques and flea markets. For her it was like breathing or walking, and it was her mission – to be a designer of shoes!



Even if a person’s interests are not expressed so clearly, you can always guess them if you look at his or her book shelves, which magazines he’s subscribed to, what websites she often surfes, what people he or she likes to talk with and what movies he or she loves watching.

Tip 2. Dreams
Dreams is an area in which we use the most bold fantasies about our life, without taking them seriously. But, if we dream, even as it seems to us unlikely to happen, and it’s completely separeted from our reality, maybe our calling speaks to us through these dreams.
Remember the “The Pursuit of Happyness” movie? The dreams led the main character to become the founder of his own brokerage firm. Thus, the protagonist realized his vocation, following his dream.



Tip 3. Idols
Everyone has them! We all want to be like someone, to repeat someone’s destiny. And sometimes on the contrary, we think that we would do something better than him – it’s all about the same. Perhaps this person is a type of person we are destined to become.
For example, in the “Julie & Julia” movie the main character admired culinary talents of her idol Julia Child and she decided to cook all the recepies from  her cookbook, describing her experience in a blog. As a result, it brought her success and recognition!



Tip 4. Internal quality
Some of our talents and passions are not so obvious and tangible. The ability to manage, organize, calm, direct, prove, organize, analyze … before these qualities find their realization in the profession, they can be clearly manifested in everyday life. We can express them in communicating with friends, on the forums, on pages in social networks, building relationships in the family.
Poor family members of a women, whose vocation is to lead other people. As in the case of power-loving Bree Van de Kamp from the TV series “Desperate Housewives”, that eventually opened her own firm, and then went into politics.


Tip 5. Subject of pride
In our lives we anyway do what is part of our calling. Only, perhaps, we don’t give it much importance and don’t take it seriously. But at the same time, it is these things that we are secretly most proud of! As the main character of the “The Lake House” film which was very proud that, working as a foreman at a construction of standard cottage, he was really a talented architect.



Tip 6. Requests of the surrounding
The surrounding people see what is our vocation much more clearly than we do. And they are always glad to ask a person for a particular service, that, in their opinion,he can easily provide. A heaven born stylist is allways asked for advice in choosing clothes, a potential interior designer helps to choose furniture, a ‘psychologist’ will always have a lot of private conversations with people about their personal problems …
For example, the heroine of the film “Once in your life” simply wrote songs for her boyfriend musician, making no claim to fame and reward. And only when they broke up, she realized how much she is talented in music, then finally able to realize as a writer-performer of songs in full!

Tip 7. Your current job
Often without realizing their calling, people become a sort of  a”Cinderella” working at a close to their vocation work, but not doing exactly what they want. For example, they may work as an assistant of their subject of adoration. So illustrators of books deep inside their souls dream of being writers, secretaries with real management talent dream of being managers…
In the movie “The Last Leave” the main character runs a shop of kitchen utensils, not daring to realize her dream of opening her own restaurant.

Find your vocation and remember that your mission is possible!