100 fears in100 days: girl got victory over her phobias!

Surely, many of you have a little secret that you do not want to share. Yes, I mean your fears. For example, I do not really like the height and insects and when I had to meet them face to face – it is a real challenge. Well, why to torment yourself if you can avoid the most potential places of fear?


Fortunately, in the world there are people who have fears and phobias more than I do, but they are ready to deal with them and are willing to be an example for others. Michelle Poller is one of such wonderful people.

Michelle had dozens of fears. She managed to count more than a hundred things she’s afraid or would never do, but for her motivation. She decided to take a difficult experiment: in 100 days to get rid of all her fears and phobias that prevent her to live freely. The project is called – “100 days without fear.” During these hundred days Michelle is obliged to overcome hes fear documenting it all on camera.


Well, we wish her good luck. After all, she became an example for many people. And even if some of her phobia seem ridiculous and ordinary, do not forget that she decided to overcome them, and you’re still afraid of heights.

Day 4 – to make piercing

Day 8 – to smoke pot

Day 10 – to spend a day without a phone

Day 15 – to make a Brazilian depilation


Day 19 – to ride the mechanical bull


Day 19 – to make Ombre

Day 39 – to donate blood

Day 35 – to overcome the fear of public speaking