Benefit from others’ advice

I like the math for its honesty and impartiality. Count how many days have passed since your birth. Start writing down your goals, desires and dreams. Next to each write down the date – when you do this, or at least begin to do.
I have been practicing this metod for a long time. It does not help to implement what I’ve written. But it sobers and does not let me sigh and complain.
Every time a thought that you have to start doing something comes to your mind, put it down. At some point, my sheet of paper with wishes and dates began to resemble a train schedule. Each recorded desire – a way from me real to me desired.
Would you like to become a passenger of a train, which departure is delayed for years? I began to think that this locomotive can grow old and corrode at the platform. The passengers in cars, chained to their places for not to be bored, entertain themselves with newspapers, magazines, books. They talk about others’ successes and stories of change. I didn’t want to live like this. I decided that others’ advice is  necessary to me only in one case – if they become a guide to action.


I began to follow the simple rules.

1. Transmit it through yourself
The best advice is one based on personal experience. It is easier to try it on yourself. If after reading the advice you have not decided what you want to change in yourself, probably, you’ve wasted your time.

2.Project on the present
There are no tips for the future, that’s why we often learn from our mistakes. Record certain physical action and the date when you do it. I know, you read and heard it thousand times. But try it. A clear formulation of the action and the date. Save the record. Without real action and change reading tips is just kinda mental masturbation.

3.Describe your experience
Analyzing your own actions help learn how to benefit the experience of others. Describe your experience, draw conclusions and share them. Any financial assistance ends quickly, but not a mental one. The joy of a meaningful life lasts longer.