How to become a woman of dreams? The practice of changing reality

One day the understanding comes that health and flourishing appearance – it’s not only good nutrition and physical activity. It is also what we think about ourselves and who we are.
And sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find out that often we are blocking ourselves the opportunity to be healthy and beautiful.
Today I want to share a special women’s practice that works with our ideas (read: beliefs) about ourself. 

Why to work with beliefs?

Beliefs are in the bais of habits and habits create our reality. You know, you can read any number of smart books and believe that thoughts are material.
As long as we are burdained with destructive habits and beliefs – everything remains the same.


Imagine the situation. Someone once told you that you are disposed to be overweight. This phrase stuck in your head so firmly that turned into a conviction. Since then the whole universe never ceases to confirm that this is so. For you, this is a reality that creates your life in autopilot mode. Like a program.
You program yourself for being overweight.

You get what you think

It seems to be impossible to break this vicious circle. It’s much easier to give up.
To stop it, you should write a different program. Change the beliefs – and you’ll change your life.
Just get rid of this mental garbage tat doesn’t let you live the life of your dream and look the way you want.

How to work with conviction?

First you need to imagine and describe your ideal of a woman. Such an ideal who would you be, if not your lazyness, lack of time, work, children, and other excuses. Note that it is the ideal in your mind, not the one your husband, mother, society and so on would like to see.

Imagine this woman in color and detail. How does she look? How does she move? What does she wear? How does she spend her free time? How does she treat herself? What is important fro her?
Then you need to sit and write down all these details. Your list should begin with the words “I am a woman who …”

Then you just need to start acting like this woman. And to correct yourself if you do something wrong. Here is where the real work with beliefs begins. Vadim Zeland calls it “swithching internal caretaker.”
If you want a real work, hang your list in an apparent place. Do not care what people think.
What does it mean to straighten out yourself?
For example, if I am a woman who does yoga every day, why today I can not make myself to roll out the mat? If I am a woman who likes cooking why I can’t find time for finding healthy recipes for my family?
Asking yourself these tough questions, you may be surprised how much mental garbage you have in your head. And then you’ll start to get rid of it.
The idea is to change your own self-image – the image of yourself, which was developed in your head every day and created your reality.
Gradually, step by step, you’ll be closer to the ideal image, which is created on paper.
And again, do not expect quick results. New habits need about 40 days to germinate in the mind. Just keep realizing your actions, adjusting them with the new beliefs.
The good news is that, with due perseverance from your part,  the autopilot will switch on soon. The new program will be “installed” by the consciousness and will begin to be broadcast, and the reality will have to change.