How I lived 21 days without makeup

Recently I accepted a challenge: three weeks without cosmetics and makeup. I have always admired  men – they only need to wash their faces and shave in the morning and all the day they look great – without any makeup. And it’s also the best way to love yourself natural … Anyway, we’re all beautiful inside 🙂

Maybe someone finds nothing extraordinary in it, but it was very interesting for me. I use cosmetics since high school. I can’t dare to come to work without makeup.
At the end of each day, I tried to write in my diary, describing my feelings and those conclusions and lessons that I learned. I can just say that in the three weeks I learned a lot about myself and about the world. And now I share this with you.

Day #1


In the morning I tried to be “on the positive” telling myself that the whole world was inside, and no matter how the face looks like. I came to work. The lack of make-up was noted:( I understood that I feel uncomfortable without makeup. When I looked in the mirror, I was upset or maybe it’s just a habit?

Day #2

Today I was less enthusiastic, began to wonder whether I need it all. When you look at your reflection, and instead of rosy cheeks and beautiful long eyelashes see “something”, the mood gets bad, because all girls want to be beautiful.
I came to the conclusion that in fact I do not worry about what I do not like about myself, but how the others see me. So, my confidence is based on external factors, but does not come from inside. It turns out that I need the approval of others. I decided that I need urgently do something to this, as the circumstances may vary and depending on the opinions of others is not very good.

Day #3

There’s a parable about the fact that in ancient China in the manufacture of porcelain vases, they made them especially with some small flaws so that each vase became unique and unrepeatable.
As a result, the realization came to me: I’m proud of myself, because I have the courage to be imperfect and to love myself with all my disadvantages. Well, or at least to learn to love myself. Hooray! 🙂

Day #4

In order to give myself a healthy blush without cosmetical means I decided to do a facial massage in the morning:

And now my friends joined my experimen. It is so great that there are people who support your even the most crazy ideas 🙂


Day #5

I realized that every morning I had 30-40 minutes free time, which I used to spend on doing makeup. Immediately turn on time management and think about how to use this wonderful bonus. I can:
sleep an extra half hour;
do morning exercises;
prepare my own delicious breakfast, not a banal sandwich;
to do something interesting –  reading, making bracelets, learning French …

Day #7

Today I participated in a poetry evening, recited poems. Despite the fact that I had to speak in front of an audience of sixty people, I still didn’t put makeup. It’s already a week since I started my flash mob without makeup. I feel much more confident. Moreover, I caught myself thinking that I really started to like myself without make-up, and that’s fine 🙂

Day #14

It seems, or my skin tells me “thank you”? All the bruises under eyes and rush are gone. And, now I can rub my eyes without being afraid to spread mascara 🙂

Day #17

I met an Italian. He came to us for a week for business. The next few days we walked together. On the third day of our acquaintance I told Massimo that it was two weeks I had been using no makeup. “Are you kidding?” – he said. It turns out that he did not notice anything and  I look good without cosmetics. Then I realized that maybe just the way we feel may be more important than how we look.


Day #21

It’s amazing how quickly the three weeks passed. I am very glad that I decided on the experiment. Really, try it and feel it yourself.
These three weeks without a make-up helped me make important conclusions and discover things that, I think really make us beautiful so that no makeup will not be able to replace it.
Dear girls and women, I wish you all to be beautiful and loved with or without make-up!