Live a meaningful life

“Do not pretend like you know how to live a fun life!” – Said the coach in response to my depressive tirade. Then I had been ill in a terrible melancholy. This phrase put me in my place and still helps me in difficult times. And then it became my personal mission and the mission of my company.

What is to live a meaningful life for me?

  • To live a meaningful joyful life.
  • To feel every minute.
  • To have the courage to be myself.
  • To clearly understand the answer to the question: “Who are you? Why are you here? What is important to you? What makes you happy? “
  • To help others live a happy and fulfilling life.



1. Listen to yourself and learn to understand.

Since childhood, I have always something that itched inside: I changed professions, leaved my loved ones, started something new, because I was looking for something better. I couldn’t accept that “normal” state. I looked for a state when I experience the joy from everything I was doing in my life: work, relationships, friendship, sports. I searched and found 🙂

Inner restlessness drove me out of the comfort zone, and I’m very grateful that listening to the inner voice I found the courage to start a new life again and again. It made me the way I am.

2. Dream

Intuitively I always wrote down my wishes. At first they were simple: to learn snowboarding, to get a second degree, get a new position in the bank. And then, after a couple of trips to Europe I decided to move to another big city.
I had neither the possibilities nor the means and obvious reasons to leave my native city, but I felt that I wanted it. Our dreams and desires often get blurred by routine.  I had been living for two years with this drem and sometimes it became an ephemeral illusion: the stability of the small town, an old circle of friends, streamlined way of life did their work. But after a trip to Italy I firmly decided. I informed my family, and the next day quit my job. So began my new life 🙂



Man with suitcase walking

3. Live in contact with your values

The contact with myself and understanding of my values always helped me in my beginings. Before, I could not always hear your inner voice, but in the crucial decisions in life it plays an important role. I asked myself: “What do you want? You. Not parents, not the environment, not your partner. What is especially important for you in life? ”
Now, after many years of studying human motivation in business environment and in personal life, I clearly know what motivates me, and this knowledge is very helpful to make decisions through the prism of my own values.

4. Set Goals

Even in my youth I wrote down my goals. There were no books or manuals on goal setting. Nobody heard about personal effectiveness 🙂 But, I always set goals and made checklists ‘what to do to reach the goal’. Today it’s a fun to read my old diaries: “By the 2004, I have to move to the capital. To do this: a) I have to sell my snowboard, b) sell the bike, c) send CV. ” (At that time that was all my assets). I moved to the capital, I almost immediately found a job at one of the largest banks, as I was a strong pro. I had to start my career from the very begining, but I was not discouraged. I quickly made up for the lost time, because I was aimed at the result. But a year later the same feeling of restlessness pushed me to try myself as a business coach.  Interest in self development is still one of my key needs.
I can not say that at all stages of my florid fate my friends and family helped me. Their constant faith and support cost a lot. But, I am the happiest person, because life gave me a wonderful family and friends. This is one of the key values ​​in my life.

5. Become friends with time

Working for a large corporation I fully immersed in the work, I began to feel that I was losing contact with the myself, with life itself. In the endless pursuit of the result, I always felt that life is slipping away. And while my professional and career ambitions were realized, there was less time for personal life. Then I began to ask myself questions, how to have time for everything? How to be effective at work, to enjoy the process and to find time for family, friends, hobbies? I was keen on time management. Just at that time there was peak of interest in the subject. After visiting many trainings, I finally fell in love with the time management and set a goal: to free the time of my life and for hobbies. And I succeeded.


6. Step by step, go to the goal

I had more administrative work and less coaching. Meanwhile, my inner voice louder and louder spoke to me: “And is this you wanted to do? Do you feel pleasure and joy of work? What do you love most? What is more important – career ambitions or joy and understanding of the benefits that you bring? ”
I was clear that my calling is training, it brings me joy and benefits others. Developing myself, I develop others. Then a bold dream stuck in my head – to begin work on my own as an independent business coach. But then I never thought that my dream could come true so fast.

[blockquote] When you take the right decision and follow the voice of your heart, the universe starts to help you. [/blockquote]

7. Concentrate on the main things

All my efforts at the moment I concentrated on a new target.

[blockquote] When they focus on the main things, very quickly you can see the fruits of your work.[/blockquote]
The result exceeded my wildest expectations. I left a great position to do what I like, and the favourite hobbie very quickly filled all the space in my life. My calendar of trainings was filled for the year in advance, lots of travelings, new interesting projects … There was a new question – where to get the energy? After intense trainings, meetings, communication with others of life, it was difficult to find the energy for yourself and loved ones.

8. Manage energy

At first, I put off for later the rest, working non-stop, I conducted 20 training days per month. I had no time to think of myself. And on the eve of departure to New York, I almost could not walk. I’m not going into detail describing the terrible year of hospitals and doctors. This slap in the face made me think seriously about the body. Yes, I have always paid attention to the education of the Spirit, Mind, Emotional Intelligence. But I completely forgot about my body.  Step by step, sport firmly entrenched in my life, I have greatly improved the health and quality of life, and today can not imagine without replenishing my reservoirs of energy.

9. Form your mission, seek a higher purpose.

How to live with fun? How not to lose the taste for life? Achievers and most importantly be in balance with each other and their environment. How to make life complete in all areas? These are questions that concern me all my life and which I answered myself and wanted to help others do the same. Moreover, as a person from the business environment, I know how difficult it is sometimes to find the time and energy for hobbies and loved ones.
I can’t say better than Michael Ray, author of “Ultimate Goal”:
[blockquote]”You are connecting with your higher purpose, when you wake up full of enthusiasm and know what you are doing something important and necessary. This is the same that being in a flow: it’s a moment when people are so obsessed with their work, that the time stops for them, and life is full of meaning. This is the way your life turns into a piece of art. In other words, this happens when your job for you is not just an opportunity to make good money, but also a source of happiness when you even are willing to pay for donig what you’re doing. ” [/blockquote]


Now I can fully say that I live the life that I wanted to live with personal and financial freedom, which is enough for me. I’m happy to live and to do what I like. And the biggest joy for me is if my experience, advice and support help you live a happy life.

Live a fun life! Live exciting!

Elena Klishina, business coach.