How do 2 million people see their ideal house

Many people want to have a house. But only a few can clearly imagine it. Recently, Swedish architects did a titanic work and analyzed dreams of 2 million people about their future home. As a result, a concept was born, which we want to show you.



Hemnet  is a popular Swedish resource for buying and selling property with 2.6 million unique visitors per week. Since the establishment of the site in 1998 more than one million transactions have been done there. Today, it takes 85% of the total buying and saling of residential real estate in Sweden. Feel the scale?

Like other similar resources, Hemnet allows you to quickly and easily choose a house or an appartement according to your taste with the help of a number of criteria: area, number of rooms, bathrooms, and so on. And these figures, switches and ticks were studied by the site owners to understand the preferences of an average Swede. By the way, as a result the database is 200 million clicks!

The information was handed over to Tham & Videgård, an architectural bureau, whose creators created a project of the ideal home.


The house is divided into four rooms and a kitchen. The latter includes a dining room and has a height of two floors. Partially covered terrace on the roof can be easily transformed into an extra room or a winter garden.




In the decoration of the kitchen, as well as of the whole house, natural materials such as stone are widely used.


Rest rooms are in pastel shades: gray or beige interior and white walls. The house is equipped with a fireplace and stone oven.



As for the bathroom, its walls are lined with tiles, and on the floor there are clinker tiles, which give a feeling of warmth and match the Falun color outside. It is also important that the room has a large opening in the ceiling that fills it with natural light. In the house there is also a guest bathroom with shower.





Of course, the house is surrounded by greenery, which will not only help you to relax in your own home, but also partly provide private life, hiding your picnics from others’ eyes.

Hemnet Home costs from 330 000 dollars, and construction of the first houses is scheduled for 2016.

Would you have taken this as a basis for the layout of your future home?