She quit her job, went to Bali and built a funky house made of bamboo

The last 5 years Elora Hardy has been building houses of bamboo in Indonesia. She quit a successful career in the fashion industry and personal life in New York, got a team of enthusiasts, and went to Bali to make a revolution in the construction.
The idea of ​​construction of houses made of bamboo Elora took from her father, who believed bamboo the most promising material for the construction of residential houses. “When six years ago I saw a house built of bamboo, I thought that I would like to live in such a house,” – says the architect.
Look at this eco-friendly masterpiece!


According to the architect, bamboo is ideal for building houses, its strength can be compared with steel and thus very quickly resumed. The only drawback is that insects corrode bamboo, but this problem can be solved by treating it with a special substance.

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