12 rules of etiquette for air travel

We offer you 13 rules of behavior on a plane, which will help to avoid unnecessary quarrels and not to spoil the flight.

1. Do not forget how the airport security works

It is necessary to think over few of steps forward. So you will avoid a long examination, and problems with security. All metal objects should be put in advance in the pockets of a bag or pockets of outerwear, which will pass through X-ray machine. Thus you will save time when passing through the metal detector.


2. Be nice to flight attendants

The rules, which are so often reminded on board, were not invented by flight attendants, but the control over their execution is a part of their job. They are designed by special organizations, taking into account the long-term usage of air transport for the comfort and safety of passengers. There is no point in arguing about the need to fasten your seat belts and lifting the chair, also it may delay departure.

Do not forget to ask whether it is possible to use electronic devices during the takeoff and landing. Some airlines have already cancelled this rule.

3. Warn the neighbors that you want to tip back in the chair

Otherwise, you risk not only to disturb the neighbours. An awkward movement can spoil a neighbour’s laptop or spill his drink. Such an unpleasant situation can be avoided – just look back.

4. Keep an eye on children

The flight itself is quite a hard thing, especially when there are noisy children next to. Do not allow them to behave noisy, to run in the cabin or somehow interfere with other people, no matter how difficult it is to do. Keep in mind that the responsibility for young passengers lies on you.

Tip for those who faced noisy kids-neighbors: do not lecture the kids, talk with their parents.

5. Be careful with drinks

To spend the flight drinking a glass of alcohol is a good idea, but you need to know when to stop. Otherwise, there is a chance of losing control, to get involved in the conflict and to be fined. And don’t forget about visiting the toilet every half an hour.

6. Show compassion to the neighbor in the middle of the row.

It’s very difficult to tip back in the chair in the middle of the row. That’s why it would be good to let him have at least the armrests. It is an unwritten rule, and not everyone can agree with it. But sitting in the middle there is no possibility to freely sit and relax with legs outstretched. The armrests at least somewhat compensate it.

7. Do not forget about hygiene

No one likes dors of travel companions. That’s why before going to the airport it would be nice to take shower. Or at least use deodorant. However, do not abuse perfumes, everything should be within reasonable limits. In addition, before the flight eat the food that does not keep its “flavor” in flight.

8. Do not bother conversation companions

Many people do not tolerated flights very well, because, despite the maximum comfort in modern aircrafts, flight is a serious stress.  Let all the talk be desirable for both parties. If the interviewee is reluctant to speak, you have to respect his right to silence and relaxation. Indeed, many people are too polite to ignore the other party.

If you are experiencing an annoying neighbor, do not be rude. You can open a book or to get headphones out of the bag. Most likely, this will help avoid unpleasant conversation.

9. Get up from their seats only convenient time for everyone

If you need to go to the toilet, do not do it at the time when the stewardess goes through the cabin offering drinks. Otherwise, you can get stuck in the aisle for a long time.

11. Make sure that your sleep doesn’t disturb your neighbors

If you sit in the middle of the row or near the aisle, you should leave some space for neighbors so that they could get out without waking you up. In addition, it would be nice to get a pillow for you not to be sleeping on the neighbour’s shoulder.

11. Do not stay in the toilet too long

There is always quite a lot of those who want to get to the bathroom, it is not necessary to detain them. And, of course, we all have an equal right to use a clean toilet. It is not necessary to leave the garbage in public places.

12. Get out of the cabin quickly, but without disturbing others

Everyone wants to leave the plane as soon as possible, so let the people sitting in the front do it. Use this time to pack your belonings and prepare to leave. And then, making sure the aisle is clear, you leave.