It is not true that a loving person can not leave you

Oscar Wilde’s thoughts about love.

It is not true that a loving person can not leave you! He can! Believe me! He will do it, sooner or later, if realized that his relationship with you don’t bring him joy and happiness anymore. If he sacrifices  much in order to be close to you, but gets nothing in return, you disappoint him. You, the person he raised up on a pedestal, that didn’t give him a hand to rise him on the pedestal next to you… And it was thanks to him that you are now standing on this pedestal…

He knows that you don’t have to give him anything in return, you don’t have to raise him on the created by himself level, that you don’t have to risk and sacrifice even the smallest things for him, so such a kind of relationship becomes unbearable… He leaves you when he realizes that he means to you less than you mean for him… He’s not telling you anything, it isn’t blaming you, you won’t even suspect anything… As even asking for reciprocity of love or understanding is stupid and ridiculous … He will leave quietly, silently, and what is the worst thing – suddenly … And the fact is that such people will never come back.