Here’s how $ 46.5 mln.picture looks

Recently, a picture by a well-known abstract expressionist Mark Rothko was sold by auction… for 46.5 million dollars. The auction house was very pleased, because the transaction was more than successful. The picture was painted in 1954, and it depicts two colors – yellow and blue. The buyer wanted to remain anonymous.



The girl was allowed to take photo of the painting for free 🙂



Yes, 46.5 million it’s a lot, but let’s clear it up. For comparison, the house of Kenny Rogers, the famous American singer and film actor, costs 46.25 million dollars. By the way the size of the singer’s estate is 7 aqr km, at a time when the size of the picture – 2m x 1.8m. Quite a big difference, isn’t it?

Kenny Rogers Manor in bird’s-eye view