This guy could hardly hold back tears when for the first time he saw the world in color!

Would you like to have glasses that help you to see a new color? How about a spectrum of new colors? That’s what happened to a color-blind guy, when his sister presented him for his birthday EnChroma glasses, specially designed for people with such problems. With the help of such glasses many people saw the colors for the first time.

As for me, it was a touching moment. After all, for us it’s a familiar colorful world, but the color-blind never see eye color of their baby, they do not know how to combine colors in clothes and so on.

The principle of work of the glasses is special multi-layer coating, which is applied to the eyeglass lens. This coating is an unusual filter that cuts off part of the spectrum of light entering the eye. Only the basic primary colors pass the filter, thereby the contrast between them increases.The filter does not pass through itself colors that cause color-conflict, thus facilitating the task of recognition of colors.



The researchers made a mathematical model of the human visual system, then modeled the defects of color perception, and then set the system to different filters and calculated result. For the calculation of the filter a program that forms on the retina  necessary pictures was written. Such a long computer calculation allowed to develop such an unusual cover.

EnChroma work only with natural light. Only a source of full spectrum light is able to provide their functioning. They are intended for street wear and are sun-protecting. The glasses don’t recognize colors from pictures of an electronic screen.