16-year-old from Romania invented a cool bike charger for the phone

A 16-year-old from Romania Thomas invented a phone charger on the basis of a wind turbine for the bike that allows you to charge your gadget while cicling. This invention is not very expensive, it costs $ 5. Thomas shared the instruction for the charger on the Instructables, so you also can try to make the same one yourself.

Such a charger for bike costs just $ 5


Thomas often cycles and it’s a very convenient charger for him.


He used the cooler from his computer


And turn it into a wind turbine.

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That’s what you need for making such a charger.

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As Thomas wrote, the price of similar devices on eBay is approximately $ 112. Quite expensive, right? Thomas got a lot of positive reviews from other users. We wish him good luck in his future inventions!