Do you think this is a car race? Certainly not! This is the largest letter in the world!

In the epoch of modern technologies people almost stopped writing paper letters, because it is impractical and takes a few days instead of a few seconds, you need to spend to send an email. Nevertheless – a kind of romance still remains in paper letters. But Stephanie and her helpers decided to do everything possible to sent the biggest letter  in the world. 

Stephanie’s father works for the International Space Station and she could talk to him only via electronic communication. As paper letters and parcels are still not delivered into Earth orbit, Steph had to think of something more unusual.

The young girl was not afraid to appeal to international companies manufacturing cars, so they helped her to realize the craziest project in the world – to write the world’s largest letter to father that would be visible even from space. Do you think this is a joke? This is not!

Hyundai agreed immediately with Stephanie’s idea. Months of preparation, selection of drivers. Moreover, the drivers didn’t just write the agreed text, but exactly copied Stephanie’s handwriting so that Dad colud clearly see that the letter is from his daughter.

Of course, the father saw the letter and even took a picture of it from the window of the space station. His emotions, he still keeps in secret, but something tells us that he was very pleased. By the way – Stephanie’s letter got in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest letter written in the sand with car tires.