“”People-scanners”: how someone who likes to try new things can find his destiny?

Imagine a person who constantly changes fields of interest: first, he became interested in acting, then he suddenly became interested in learning languages, archeology, real estate, and playing guitar. If this person reminds you of yourself, congratulations: you’re a typical “scanner”. What is it and how to live with it – explains Barbara Sher, one of the leading motivational speakers in the world.1


What happens?

So, you’re a naturally born “Scanner” – a person who enjoys the diversity around us. Often people-scanners feel like time is ticking by, and they still have not achieved anything. They have not became professionals in anything. When you become an expert in one area, suddenly you begin to be interested in the other. Peers who have less talents and capabilities have advanced far ahead, and “scanners” are still at the start.

[blockquote]If so – you just haven’t realized that to be a “scanner” is a worthy vocation. This talent is the key to a good life.[blockquote/]
“Scanners” want to try everything. They have the same enthusiasm to study the structure of a flower and music theory. They love to travel and are interested in politics. For “scanners” universe is a treasure trove, which stores millions of pieces of art, and life is hardly enough to see them all.

To get everything at once

Often the only problem of “scanners” is to find a job where they can use their specific talent. Tests for vocational guidance are useless for “scanners”. It takes time and ingenuity to find a niche work for them – such a work that will include all of their many interests. But the results are worth it.

“Scanners” may be poets, directors of documentary films, travelers, excellent sellers, good managers and teachers. And they can even combine several of these roles simultaneously.

Get everything gradually

Scanners are often distracted, particularly because they are always in hurry. But they shouldn’t, because:

  1. They have more time than it seems;
  2. Haste is counterproductive;
  3. “Time Fever” spoils life. It is a kind of hysteria, because of which one feels that he need every minute to do something important for the future. Do not give in to it. You have time. And it will surely be enough to understand yourselves and to find your vocation (or several vocations simultaneously).

You have much more time than you imagine. You’ll get everything if you are calm and consistent.

Some exercises for typical “scanners”

1. Ten lives

If you had 10 lives, how would you live them? Take a pencil and paper and write it down, what would you do in each of these lives. Do not limit yourself in anything. And now let’s look at this list. You may be a poet, a musician, a successful entrepreneur, scholar and sinologist, a cook in the gourmet restaurant, a traveler, a gardener, a husband and father, a journalist…

Excellent! It is not necessary to choose one profession. Soon you will find a way to live each of these lives.

2. Available time

Quickly answer the following questions about each of your lives. Do not hesitate too long. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. (You can use the same life a few times.)

  • Which life would you live in 2016?
  • Which second life you would live in 2016?
  • What can you do 20 (or fewer) minutes every day?
  • And what would you like to do on the weekends?
  • What do you like to do from time to time?

Answers to these questions will give a more realistic view of how people do different things, if they are “scanners” like you. You should stop to think  “either – or”.

[blockquote] Here’s how: it is not necessary to devote yourself to poetry. Just write poetry.[blockquote/]

The idea is that you can manage everything, if you properly make the schedule.
If you want to start a business, but also to see the world, you can combine it or to realize it consistently: business is now, the trip – later.

3. Make a real three-year plan

In order to calm down, you need to create a realizeable plan for three years. Once you understand that you can step by step implement it, you calm down.

And finally,

If you realized that you are a “scanner,” do not do anything to change yourself. Do not think that it is necessary to change yourself for the requests of the world. It is better to think about how to arrange your life so that you can implement many  of your talents.