Selection of useful web tools for Twitter


One of the golden rules of Twitter says:

[blockquote source]Posts with images obtain 94% more retweets. [/blockquote]

Yes, you know it. Spruce – One of the best solutions for sending tweets with pictures.




Active life in social networks with cheeky sayings could one day play a malicious trick on you. Many recruiters look into the tape to make an opinion about you. Therefore, in some cases it is better to clean the history. That’s where the TweetDelete is useful. The web service automatically deletes all messages that are older the specified threshold. It is also able to completely delete the history of your tweets.


Lowpoly Bot

Twenty million profiles in Twitter are bots. Most of them are engaged in useless activities for us, but of course, there are pleasant exceptions. For example,The Lowpoly Bot can draw polygonal pattern based on pictures sent to it.

It is also important to note that the bot sees hashtags commands that directly affect the conversion. The full list of commands is here. If you do not specify any hashtags, the bot will use a random set of commands, that is, every time you’ll get new results on the same picture.



Do you like to share links with your readers ? Twitshot will help you! The web service extracts the images from that link that you are going to post  and attaches it to the tweet. Why? Do not forget about the greater public reaction to messages with images!


Specify the link, wait a second and select the most suitable option. If the service determines  no sensible images, it will make a screenshot of the page, and anyway, it’s better than nothing.