How to get your baby to bed less than in 1 minute


I think many parents will be agree that getting the baby to bed is pretty difficult. Such talent is invaluable, and the person who would be able to do such miracles would become the most popular person in the world. But wait a minute!
It turns out that we have found such a person. He is real, it exists, and he does the impossible. Just a few months ago Nathan Dale became a father. Of course, his joy knew no bounds and he was ready to do anything for his son. But after 3 months of sleepless nights Nathan was ready almost for all, if only he could sleep more than 2 hours. Coffee didn’t help Nathan and he was more like a zombie.
Once Nathan entertained the baby with a handkerchief, trying to calm him. It turns out that a certain technique of using a handkerchief or any other clean and pleasant to the skin fabric is able to charm the child and send him to the wonderful world of dreams.
All you need is: a crying baby, a handkerchief ( or a small piece of tissue ) and about a minute of your time. Well, how does it work Nathan tells himself.