The most dangerous route in the world that may scare even adrenalin addicts

Today we will talk about an unusual route in Asia. When you look at the photos of this place, your knees begin involuntarily giving way of fear. This hell for those who are afraid of heights, is located in China, Mount Huashan near Huaying. On the slopes of the mountain there is a very dangerous path leading to the top. Even the highest roller coasters and other rides are nothing in comparispn with the route.

The route starts here with such a steep staircase. The steps here are so steep that many of tourists feel terribly tired already at the beginning of the path.

But this is only the beginning, all the fun is up there.
Just at sight these mountains many people feel dizziness.
But the landscape is outstanding!

The next step is rope-way. It serves as a passage to another top, where the most interesting things begin.
All the brave men who dared to this madness are destinated to THIS.


The only thing that comes to mind, being there – in any case, do not look down!


These pictures literally could cost the photographers their lives!

It should be noted that Huashan Mountain – is one of the five sacred mountains of Taoism in China. Despite such a dangerous and risky route, every year thousands of pilgrims with heroism climb up on it.


At the end of each path, a reward waits for those who managed to get to the top – a visit to the ancient Taoist temple turned into a tea house.


It is difficult to imagine how this path was built. Oh yeah, one more small detail: do not forget that there’s the way back, unless you call up a helicopter that will take you off there.