Abandoned cars in Dubai: how could they do this???

It turns out that the city of Dubai has a very unusual problem: if you walk around the city, you can find a huge number of abandoned cars. And not just cars, but the real achievements of the automotive industry. Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche – this is only the beginning. And the strange thing is that no one is going to get them back!

In fact, the cause of all this is the human greed. Some people in Dubai after seeing such a desirable luxurious vehicle decided that it should belong to them even at cost of financial frauds. But after a while their financial dealings have been reveiled and, being afraid for their lives and liberty, they left the city at the speed of light, leaving their luxurious cars at airport parking or just in the streets.


Why don’t the public utilities touch the cars? It’s hard to say. Perhaps they do not have the legal right to do it. Also – the cars are cheap attractions for a lot of tourists.

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