A guy confesses of his body

Just a few years ago, Matt Diaz weighed more than 200 pounds. At his young age it meant that he was left not to live long. Then, six years ago, Matt took for himself a courageous decision and promised that  he will not give extra weight to take away his life. Perseverance, training and several operations have helped Matt to lose weight by as much as 120 pounds. After that, his life changed dramatically. Girls started liking him, he began to feel more confident. But…

Matt had a big secret that he was afraid to share until today. However, the man had the courage and lifted the curtain, to be exact – lifted his T-shirt. Because of the rapid weight loss Matt has a new problem – sagging skin. Previously, Matt was shy about his body due to excess weight, and now he’s shy because of the skin. By his own example, he decided to prove that it is necessary to love yourself no matter how you look like, and strive to be better. “People will always tell you that you are skinny or fat, tall or  small, you have the wrong skin color. Do not pay attention to the thoughts of others, love yourself as you are, and work on yourself “said Matt.