12 incredible facts about the beard, which you didn’t even know

Beard is not just the hair on the face, it’s a science and philosophy! By the way, not everyone can own such a luxury. Here are a few facts about the bearded man, some of them are very funny:



98% of the richest men according to Forbes magazine are clean-shaven men.


Egyptian pharaohs were considered the earthly incarnation of the god Horus and it could be only men. When the female pharaoh Hatshepsut took the throne, she had to wear men’s clothing and a false beard.


33% of men in the US have beards and 55% of men worldwide have beards.


If a man each day would spend 5 minutes to shave the beard, it would take 63 days of his life. He will remove 8.4 meters of beard.


Among men with beards 38% are less generous, 36% are less caring and 51% are less happy than  shaved men.


Studies have shown that girls prefer men with a beard.


Beard grows faster  in the summer.


Beard grows faster if a manhad no sex for a long time.


Abraham Lincoln grew a beard in 1860 after he had received a letter from a 12-year-old girl: “With a beard you’ll look better, more women will like you and they will  persuade their husbands to vote for you”.


Thoughts about sex contribute to the growth beard.


The speed of hair growth depends on the level of testosterone in the blood.


Beard does not grow faster if to shave often.