Father and son make giant transformer of garbage and earn $ 160,000 a year

Transformers theme for the Chinese people is very close. They love everything  that  is at least somehow related to this topic. Moreover  they are ready to pay almost any sum of money just to get the desired robot. Well, if there’s a potential buyer, then it is necessary to find a potential seller. A father and son from southern China do this difficult but fascinating work.


Yu Zhilin has been working at a farm and does his job well. But  near his territory a field where people started to leave the trash, including scrap appeared. First Yu Zhilin was very angry with it, as this could damage the crop and certainly did not make the landscape more beautiful. But one day he came up with a great idea that has changed his and the entire family’s lives.

In the past, Yu Zhilin graduated from the Faculty of Arts and he knows something about beauty and creativity.  Being aware of his son’s passion  to robots, and especially to everything that is related to Transformers, Yu Zhilin became interested in creating his first robot. And the material he has found at the 2local dump.

It took  him about 3 years to create the first sculpture. Yu Zhilin could not just quit farming for the sake of the art: at the time he was the only breadwinner in the family. However, patience and persistence helped Yu achieve the desired result and the world’s first robot came out of scrap metal under the Zhilin brand.

Son Yu Zhilin’s son invited all his friends to see the robot, which was almost twice as high as his father. A few days later the whole neighborhood knew about the exploits of Yu, and soon tourists from different countries came to look at the transformer. Then the farmer started getting his first orders.

transformers-from-scrap-metal-6Today Yu Zhilin works together with his son and taking as a basis the coolest Transformers, they create a very realistic and monumental statues of favorite characters. There are Bumblebee and Optimus Prime on their yard, and in the garage there are smaller versions of the robots. The statues of steel are sold very quickly because transformers in China are not simply popular – they are almost a religion. Let’s have a look at the workshop of Yu Zhilin and his son.

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