10 ways to entertain your child

If all the toys became boring, tere are some ways how to cheer up your children.


1. Sumo wrestling

A battle can be arranged with the help of the father’s shirts and pillows.  Small children and soft pillows fit in a large T-shirt. The “bigger” the fighters will be, the safer will be the fight.

2. Drawing on sandwiches

Rainbow on toasts is fun. Ingredients: bread, sweetened condensed milk, food coloring. Dissolve  a few drops of paint in the condensed milk and paint he bread with clean brushes. Enjoy your meal.

3. Games with colored rice

Ingredients: rice, white vinegar, food coloring, clean packages. Dissolve in a small amount of vinegar some drops of coloring. Put a handful of rice in a plastic bag, pour the paint there, tie tightly and mix rice to paint it over. The paited rice may be used for images, applications and all kinds of crafts.

4. A substance for sculpting

Mix in a bowl  glue with water, add a few drops of coloring. Dissolve the borax in half a glass of warm water and pour the solution into the colored glue, continuing to stir the masses. When the mass thickens it becomes like a dough. You can even blow bubbles from it.

5. Table games with cookies

Be sure to use the cookies that are vanilla on one side and chocolate on the other. Make a grid with painters tape on your cutting board (or table top, whatever). Try to keep the “sections” roughly the size of your cookies. You will want to have an even number of columns and rows (ex: 8×8 or 10×10) for the game to be played most smoothly. This is the classic game of Othello or Reversi.

6. Dollhouse

First slot the shoeboxes together and tape them securely together. The number of shoeboxes you have will determine the shape and configuration of your contemporary flatroof house – you might want to go three stories high!Add one layer of paper mache to bind the structure together, and leave it to dry.For the inside walls and floors choose wallpaper and glue the paper into position with standard craft glue. Add furniture and make your dolls feel like home!

7. The plane of a cocktail stick

Cut three strips of 2,5 × 12,5 cm of thick paper. Two strips connect long and short strips in the big ring with tape. From the third strip make a small ring. Attach the rings on the ends of the tube, putting it into the paper rings. Looks strange, but this design can fly!

8. The pipe from the tubules for cocktails

If you take 6-8 plastic tubes, cut them and glue together with tape, you’ll get a funny musical instrument.

9. Rainbow Foam

All you need is an empty water bottle from your recycling, duct tape, a sock that is missing its match (which we seem to have an abundance of), dish soap and some food coloring. Cut the bottom of the water bottle off. Next slide the sock over the bottom of the bottle. Pour some dish soap into a shallow container with a little bit of water and gently mix.  Dip the sock covered bubble blower into the solution and gently blow.

10. Shark and crocodile of the clothespin


If you draw a shark or a crocodile with big teeth on a sheet of paper, cut in half and glue the picture on two parts to clothespins, you can make a real toothy predator that opens his mouth.