Why we can’t lose weight, despite all efforts

If you are one of those strong-willed individuals who not only stick to the diet plan, but also are able to proceed with its implementation, then congratulations. You are on the right way. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can’t achieve the desired result. Why? This article will provide answers to this question.

Woman on a Diet

Reason 1: You started eating more

Yeah yeah. Do not be surprised. Sounds a bit shocking, but often people who eat healthy food, really start eating more.

Firstly, vigilance is lost due to the usefulness of healthy food. So what’s the problem? The problem is in portion! We intuitively allow ourself more healthy food. But it also has calories. Do not forget about it while eating additional portion.

Reason 2: Stress

Oddly enough, but it’s a vicious circle. As soon as you limit yourself to the usual portions, the body is attentive and waiting to start the mechanisms of protection against stress. Many people at the same time not only limit the nutritional value of their food, but also add enhanced training. During the first weeks and months it may provide rapid results, but then the weight becomes fixed or even begins to increase.

Reason 3: You want to lose weight too much

Sounds weird again. I admit it. But when you have too strong desire to achieve something, then you start again the mechanisms of stress. And then everything repeats as in the paragraph above …

Reason 4: You sleep not enough

Any fitness or food guru will tell you that if you  sleep not enough, all your efforts on losing weight may be futile. Again it’s all due to the stress.

Secondly, if you do not get enough sleep, then you have a growing appetite and you eat more.

Reason 5: your body is intoxicated

It is surprising for most modern people. Commuting, excessive use of cosmetics, food with numerous chemical additives, distilled water instead of mineral, gas polluted air, smoking … All this tends to accumulate in our body.

And does the body do? It responds with the increase in weight! Remember, when you are bitten by a mosquito, the bite swells? The same thing is happening on a large scale. The body tries to increase in size in order to reduce the concentration of poison per kilogram.

Reason 6: you drink not enough of clean water

When the body is dehydrated, it can not exhaust all waste products (read – toxins). If the same organism is intoxicated, the weight is increased as described in the paragraph above.

Reason 7: you have insulin resistance

This is second type of diabetes prestage when glucose misses cells, and  cells become insulin resistant.

Insulin is the key that opens the access of glucose into cells. If the cell is resistant to insulin, the glucose instead of providing the cell with energy remains in the circulating blood. And all the unspent energy is deposited in the cells of fat.

Reason 8: You eat too often

The question of “How many times a day is best to eat?” is actively discussed everywhere. Yes, I know that many fitness gurus recommend 5-6 meals per day. But! So you just eat more. After all, it is very difficult to stop, appetite, as it is known, comes with eating.

Reason 9: You do not have enough motivation

Motivation from the series “to fit into my favorite dress” or “to love myself” will not work. This will be insufficient for day-to-day  giving up those cookies  that colleagues offer you in the office.

But sometimes it can be not only a lack of motivation. Often inside of your mind antimotivation can be hidden.

One of my patients following my program lost only 3 kilos (from the expected 8). As I analysed her case, it turned out that she was completely satisfied with he result. She didn’t mean losing weight as the motivation, her motivation was the process itself – visiting the doctor, dieting. That’s what was the problem.

Only realizing it and selecting a new reality, she stopped being afraid of life without the process of losing weight, she began to lose weight pretty quickly. And we didn’t change the program itself.

Reason 10: you are already to thin!

Yeah yeah! There is a limit. If Angelina Jolie weighs 50 pounds with the height of 180 centimeters (this is a supposition), it does not mean that you have to weigh the same. Therefore, body mass ratio has not been canceled.

Good health to you!