List of 47 things that can give boring weekends more fun

I often lie on the couch, take my laptop and do not move –  I  used to spend my spare time and all weekends so. Considering the fact that this is not the most interesting variant of rest, I decided to think about the alternatives. That’s what I’ve found.

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  1. Go to a store to buy food for a week.
  2. Sort in the task manager the things to do for a week.
  3. Find on Tinder or on other services a new person and go out with him or her.
  4. Arrange a book marathon and read a book in one day.
  5. Clean your house.
  6. Go outside and walk on foot to a place where you have never been.
  7. Call an old friend  and offer to meet.
  8. Learn and play a board game with friends.
  9. Learn to juggle. Why not?
  10. Delete unnecessary files from your computer.
  11. Start a blog and make the first post.
  12. Learn something totally new for yourself. For example, if there is water on other planets of the solar system?
  13. Prepare meals for the week in advance and put it in containers.
  14. Go to a gym.
  15. Arrange  a perfect day for your beloved one.
  16. Do something new with your image. For example, try a new hairstyle.
  17. Learn to make paper airplanes.
  18. Find new music.
  19. Select a new language and start learning it.
  20. Call close people with whom you have not communicated for a long time.
  21. Find a voluntary organizations in your city and go there to work for free.
  22. Learn how to massage.
  23. Give unnecessary things for charity.
  24. Take a bike and ride out of town.
  25. Find a cool recipe and cook something new.
  26. Remember your recent promise, and do it.
  27. Open the list of the best films on IMDB and start to view all the movies from the top down.
  28. Do something that may seem shameful in front of strangers in an unfamiliar area. But without braking the law.
  29. Write a letter to a loved one.
  30. Engage in a hobby.
  31. Clean the refrigerator.
  32. Go to a library and take a book that you enjoy.
  33. Write a list of things you want to do in your life.
  34. Go to photograph beautiful places of the city.
  35. Find a yoga school and try it.
  36. Try to learn to meditate.
  37. Learn card tricks.
  38. Write a letter and send it to yourself in the future.
  39. Begin to prepare gifts for New Year.
  40. Select a musical instrument and start to learn to play it.
  41. Explore other countries and decide where you want to go.
  42. Write a list of 10 things that you want to try.
  43. Find some events to your interests and go there.
  44. Turn off all electronic gadgets and spend a day offline.
  45. Make a gift to a loved one.
  46. Build a shelter from the pillows.
  47. Destroy the shelter of the pillows.

Now you have a list of 52 options how to spend a Sunday. That’s enough for the whole year.  Share your options in the comments.