12 lifehacks to transform the bathroom into the best room in the house

Comfort can be created anywhere in the home, even in the bathroom. Therefore, we have collected some great, but at the same time simple ideas that do not require much spendings and space, but will transform any bathroom.

A mat of real pebbles can be made by yourself. Instructions are here.

Baskets can be an excellent alternative to shelves.

You will be surprised how well can fit shelves for spices in the bathroom.

5casa.acasa & abeautifulmess

For storing small things you can use a simple glass or cans attached to the board


Metal bobbypins  can be positioned in such a simple manner on the magnet. And you will not lose them anymore. 7european-web, themerrythought, m5zn
Hang towels on a decorative staircase. And no more holes in the walls!

Pour all the liquids that you use in the same bottles. Absolute Zen.

The mirror will be a real decoration, if  to create an interesting design for it.

Even if you just paint the mirror frame, it will look much more cosy.

Make a shelf to take a hot bath with books and wine.


Add a bit of vegetation to the bathroom to give it freshness.