Take me to Singapore

Singapore is an island country and the capital at the same time. It is a city of contrasts and prohibitions. Futuristic skyscrapers, the design of which is approved by specialists in Feng Shui, ethnic neighborhoods, green parks, shopping malls, casinos and churches – all in an extraordinary proximity to each other. Here you can meet people of all races and nationalities, goods of all kinds and colors,  food with all odors and flavours, the architecture of all shapes and lines.

Singapore quay

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Fountain Of Wealth

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This is one of the largest fountains in the world. There is a belief that if three times to bypass the internal fountain in a clockwise direction, keeping your hand in the water, any wish will come true.

Futuristic park

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An impressive and intriguing feature of the complex is a forest of giant trees (lots of 18 sculptural forms of varying heights, from 25 to 50 m). Two 42-meter suspended bridges on the altitude of 22 m. In the evening, the metal giants begin to sparkle with colored lights. This is a really exciting show that is worth seeing.



The famous symbol of the city – the statue of Merlion, a mythical animal with the head of a lion and the body of the fish, which erupts from the jaws of a powerful fountain.

Singapore Botanic Gardens


Orchid Park , Palm Valley, Garden ginger, Swan Lake – these are parts of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Singapore zoo

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Singapore Zoo is recognized as one of the best in the world due to its concept of openness. In the zoo there are no cells. They are replaced by artificial barriers – water ditches, logs, ditches. Due to the fact that animals are not closed in the space, they show their natural habits. You can even have breakfast with monkeys or feed a giraffe. Going to the zoo, do not forget to visit the night safari. This tour is absolutely safe and comfortable.

 “Jurong” Bird Park


As in the Singapore zoo, in the bird park “Jurong” birds are practically free. No cells and fences – the birds fly freely in large cages, and visitors go to them “to visit.” For each type of bird they recreate the native habitat. Some of the most attractive exhibits –  African penguins, a threatened species that could adapt to life in the tropics.

Suspension bridge between the treetops


Suspension bridge Tree Top Walk is a highlight of the park “MakRitchi” – a 250-meter-long bridge, which stretches at a height of 25 meters above the ground and allows  to observe the life of the jungle.

Universal Studios amusement park

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It is famous for the fact that it is there is the highest  “roller coaster” in Asia

Oceanarium “Marine life”

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Oceanarium “Marine life” is one of the largest in the world.
Such large-scale aquarium sizes create the illusion that the visitors are in the bottom of the sea.

Ferris Wheel

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You can see a great view of the city from the booths. On the Ferris wheel there are VIP-booths, a trip that includes two turns at the wheel about an hour, a four course dinner and the famous cocktail Singapore Sling.

Chinese, Indian and Arab districts

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Zouk Out Festival


Zouk Out Festival  is the largest in Southeast Asia, dance festival, which is held on the island of Sentosa and not only attracts numerous visitors from Asian countries, but also clubbers from around the world.

Singapore Airlines


The main feature of “Singapore Airlines” is the uniform of the flight attendants. Parisian couturier Pierre Balmeyn developed for them uniforms. He decided to completely move away from the idea of ​​European uniform and created a stunning dress in ethnic style.