The biggest pit bull in the world

80 kilograms of infinite kindness.

Meet Hulk – probably the biggest pit bull in the world. He’s only 2 years old, but he already weighs 80 kilograms. Despite his intimidating size, he is a very good and faithful dog.


 Hulk’s masters are professional dog handlers Lisa and  Marlon Grennon. They always  look after their pet, so it’s a very disciplined dog.


Despite the fact that many people are afraid of pit bulls, Hulk is a very good dog, that always happily greets guests. 3fakt 4qcosas

Hulk  greatly finds common ground with the son of the family – a three-year Jordan. 5positivr

The big dog enjoys spending time with Jordan and loves to give him a ride. 6lazycookie

 It’s not so easy to keep such an animal,  but he knows when to stop. 7positivr

This is a faithful friend who will never hurt a person.

One of the most favourite activities is music. They simply can’t get bored with such a dog!