Here it is, rabbit paradise in Japan!


Small Japanese island Ōkunoshima can be considered one large zoo for rabbits. It’s home for more than 300 rabbits, and they are free to walk throughout the island. The history of the emergence of rabbits on Ōkunoshima is a mystery, but there is an assumption that in 1971 a group of students who came to visit the island, brought a couple of rabbits. Soon new eared residents flooded the entire island.1daypic

Rabbits are actually more than people.
This is due to the fact that prior to 1945, there was Ōkunoshima top secret military base, which was engaged in the production of toxic gases. After the war the factory was destroyed, as well as any evidence of it. Residents and workers left the island.


But now this place is a real home of rabbits that walk without fear throughout the island.

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Despite the fact that the animals are wild, they welcome tourists without fear, jumping on their knees and taking from them all sorts of treats. Ōkunoshima visitors are allowed to feed and flatter the animals. They even offer to bring your own food for rabbits, especially in winter, when natural food on the island is not enough.4loveopium

Every year it attracts more than 100,000 visitors. There are a hotel, a small camping and even a golf complex on the island. 5mreven.pixnet

In order to protect the local fluffy population , it’s prohibited to take to the island dogs and cats.
 After looking at this photos  you will certainly want to go there. 6adaymag 7avaxnews 8 flickr9tailsofwonders.tumblr 10lady.obozrevatel 11flickr 12themetapicture 13loveopium 14avaxnews 15udivitelno 16flickr 17tailsofwonders 18m-miya