You’re almost tempted to snuggle these cute fluff ball!

It’s hard to find a person who does not love these white and fluffy puppies. You must really have a shallow heart to resist their charm. Little wet noses, eyes like beads, tiny fingers and incredibly soft and chubby bellies melt even the coldest heart.  

Level of sweetness goes off-scale!

He probably has a dream about a bucket of food, which he has just ate.

“Scratch my tummy!”

What a photogenic tummy!

Little helper!

Yes, perhaps he is asleep, but that does not mean that you can not scratch his tummy …

“No, I have no idea of where’s all the food for the puppies.”

He is on the seventh heaven!

Exhausted after a hard day …

So cute floof!

Just look at those cute folds!

It seems, with such a chubby tummy this baby will be difficult to turn over …

Has had his dinner … And now he can get some sleep!

And now he can’t moove 😉

He just ate a piece of meat of his own size …

“Don’t stop scratching my tummy!”

“I’m sad … I need lots of hugs”

This tummy simply does not fit in hands!

I Swear! From now I’m on diet! ”

“Wake me up when it’s time to eat…”

Who’s is this spotty tummy ?!

Don’t tell me you’re hungry again!

I hope this piece of positive emotionsdid you well. Your friend is in a bad mood? Show him pictures of these cuties – and sadness will be over!