25 works of talented artists who created real masterpieces…on the street

That’s what it means – to live in harmony with the world. These talented street artists have managed to adapt their unique creations to the environment. Seemingly ordinary 2D-pictures suddenly become a part of what we see almost every day, and become alive right before your eyes. Now this is a new 3D-reality. All these masters managed to see the stars in a muddy puddle. These pictures are created to color our gray days. Even if you are not happy with the street art, these works certainly will fall to you like!

Face of the city, Toronto, Canada

Legend of giants, Białystok, Poland

The world goes downhill, Spain

Calvin and Hobbes, France

Satellite dishes, Birmingham, UK

Bruce Lee, Saint-Etienne, France

British flags, London, UK

Girl with pompoms, France

Spider-Man, France

Cigar, Portugal

Caravan, France

Girl, Georgetown, Malaysia

Bird, Athens, Greece

The Scream, France

Calvin and Hobbes, France

Sower, Kaunas, Lithuania

Damaged eye, France

Bush, London, UK


Ostrich, Rome, Italy

Bike, Georgetown, Malaysia

Hair, Fort-de-France, Martinique

They killed Kenny, France

Glasses, Russia

Drinking straw