At first glance, it’s a cute picture of a least weasel flying on a woodpecker …

 But in reality it’s not that nice…

To make cute pictures of nature, it is not necessary to use Photoshop. Animal world never stops to amaze us! A British photographer Martin Le-May  managed to take photo of a least weasel flying on a woodpecker … A picture is truly fantastic! Something like tales about a magic carpet.

According to Le-May, he was walking in the park when he saw a real struggle for survival – a dishevelled woodpecker  on which was sitting a least weasel flew over him. As you know least weasels ruin bird nests. When these animals are very hungry, they can eat an adult bird. Martin just was obliged to capture it on camera. Photographer calms everyone who cares about the fate of the woodpecker: “As a result, the woodpecker was left alive, and the hungry weasel hid in the grass.”

At first glance, it looks like a rodeo at a woodpecker …


But it was a desperate struggle for survival … a life-and-death struggle!


The woodpecker landed … The fight went on … then the least weasel had to give up.


Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Only the weasel was left with an empty stomach …