20 reasons to love cats even more

How can we be indifferent to this wonderful furry creatures? I think even the most hard-hearted people can not resist the sight of these pets. We love cats, even with their whims and caprices. And we will hardly ever be able to explain this phenomenon.

1. They are our most loyal friends.

2. Cats are so defenseless.

3. This is perhaps the most loving  creature on the planet.

4. They hide for us to seek them.

5. And they love watching you, wherever you are.

6. They reach an understanding even with the worst enemy ..

7. …or they don’t, but they try hard.

8. They’re so funny …

9. They can be the masters of the universe.

10. They want to control your every move.

11. They help in difficult times.

12. These are the most paradoxical creatures in the world: they love sinks.

13. But thay hate taking bath!

14. They take a horizontal position …

15. ..or sometimes a vertical one!

16. They keep their secrets in boxes …

17. And they just like to be on top.

18. Even they may run out of energy …

19. Cats are a positive charge every day.

20. Sometimes they are afraid of something, just like small children, but we’ll always support them!