5 most expensive and unusual products sold in computer games

In the world of virtual games there are lots of money. Some of gamers earn by participating in tournaments, someone earns in online-streams, someone upgrades and sells accounts, characters or rare items found in the game. We have some unusual stories about how gamers managed to get rich (or to spend all their savings) with the help of game stuff.

The most expensive: $ 635,000 for a virtual space station

In 2010, the Entropia Universe player John Jacobs (aka Neverdie) sold a virtual space station Club Neverdie for $ 635 000. John is not astereotypical gamer, but an actor, producer and entrepreneur. He purchased the station in 2005 “only” for $ 100 000, and he got the money to buy it by taking out a mortgage on his own house.


The same year, the First Planet Company, one of the developers of the game, has announced an auction for the orbiting space station Crystal Palace Space Station. The lucky winner of the auction Eric Novak, aka Buzz Erik Lightyear, payed for it $ 330 000. It’s an interesting fact that the previous record price for a “virtual object”, recorded in 2008 in the Guinness Book of Records, is also related to this game.

The most short-living: an upgraded Elf from the World of Warcraft

In September 2007, the character of Night Elf-thief 0f 70 level (or rather, the account with this character) was sold for $ 9000. Elf Zeuzo wasn’t only upgraded in that time to the maximum. He owned many rare things, including – Twin Blades Warglaives of Azzinoth. The former owner of the elf had to sell him in order to cope with financial difficulties.Клинки можно купить и в реальной жизни, причем подешевле.

But the new owner did not enjoy the character for a long time: the Blizzard banned his account  just five days after the purchase. Selling or giving access to accounts to someone else is prohibited by the rules of some game-developers.

The most romantic: the legendary crossbow “Manticore” from Diablo for $ 3500

In December 2013 one of the players of Diablo 3 with the nickname shineCDN accidentally found a crossbow in the Tower of the Damned. He did not realize how lucky he was, until he brought the crossbow for identification. A highlight of the story is that the player sold it to get money and buy his bride a wedding ring. His discovery he estimated it to cost about $ 3,500.1400manticore

You can compare this romantic story with its opposition: girlfriend of an American gamer Eric Smith left him, but he did not lose heart: he sold an engagement ring on eBay for $ 2000 and bought a Full armor for Halo, which dreamed of.

The most silly: $ 1400 for upgrades for “Farm Frenzy” from mother’s credit card

A 12-year-old was eager to upgrade his farm in FarmVille – a free-to-play-game from Zynga. He couldn’t do anything better than to steal his mother’s credit card and pay. In Zynga they refused to give the money back, but they suggested the use of passwords, to avoid further problems of this kind. The boy’s account however, is still closed.


The most pink: courier from Dota 2 for $ 36,000

In November 2013 on Reddit, in the section for trading in Dota 2, an anonymous seller put up Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog courier, which looks like this for sale:courier

This is a very rare courier. It’s rare because it’s pink (the color was not among the 10 color patterns, which the Valve provided ). The price was $ 36,000, and the buyer didn’t make him wait a long time.