How to start running and to run the first 5 km?

How to run the first few kilometers and to properly plan a workout not to give it up?

Surely you know the situation: you start to run “on Sunday”, and a week later your desire to run disappears. Many people begin running often and a lot trying to “break themselves”, demonstrating the power of will. And then they quickly give it up, not understanding how someone can like this masochism.

In fact, the real will power is to gradually increase the load and run as much as you can afford to, not caring  about what people think. In this case, attention should be paid not to speed of running, but to its duration.


Read below frequently asked questions and myths believed by beginners.


Perhaps this is the main fear of beginners.

- How will I look wearing tights?
- Athletes run in the park, and I run slowly and can even simply walk.
- My face is red and my figure is ugly.

We’ll open you a secret: nobody cares. Even if someone looks at you, then in a few minutes later he’ll forget about it.

To begin, choose a place where there’s a lot of runners, for example, a nearby park or stadium. Choose a company for jogging (together it is easier to start). After two or three work outs the shame will dissapear.


- I'm old, it's too late to start.
- In my age, they do not run.

Older people can begin after consultation with a physician. It is also desirable to make a cardiogram and get permission to exercise.

You should begin with short walks and gradually increase the pace, slowly turning iit into a run. Load at this age is more difficult to sustain, but the benefits of this type of activities are certain: it improves metabolism, decreases heart rate, blood sugar and cholesterol. Running activates the immune system, rejuvenates the skin,  prevents viral infections, stress, insomnia.

 Where it’s better to run?

– What about a  stadium?
– Of course the stadium, because it’s built for this!

But it’s wrong. Stadiums are designed for competition and speed work in training. It can be an alternative, but an ideal place for jogging is a park and a forest with fresh air and good soil covering.

When it’s better to run?

- They say, it's better in the morning, but not before going to sleep.
- I can not wake myself in the morning.
- It's dark and scary in the evening.

Choose the time of day, basing on your daily routine and habits. If you are an early bird and are easy to wake up early in the morning, begin to run before going to work. If you are a night owl, think of the evening training.

Shoes and clothing

– What shoes are better for running?
– I already have sneakers.
– You can run in boots, they play football in them.

At first, in addition to willpower and determination you only need a pair of running shoes. The old pair of sneakers will only lead to injury.

Label ‘running’ on clothes and shoes will be the key that will open you the difference between running and not running sportswear.