How to keep your life in order

Jaromir Chalabala/

Your own mistakes do not teach anything

They say, people learn from their mistakes. But for me the trap of defocusing was a curse that came to me periodically.

Now is March 2015 and recently I tried in vain to combine management, DJ school, teaching (in two countries), writing music, cafe management and patronage, writing articles and books, internet marketing, DJ career and performances. Moreover, I am a member of the board of directors of the company for the creation and management of clubs.Весь фокус в фокусе

I was tired. I started smoking (though I am a rawfoodist and vegan). I’m thinking about drinking alcohol (which I do not drink already for three years in general). I did not write music for six months, and I prepared sets in two hours before the performance. I almost did not go on a bike (I have three). I rarely went out to surf.

It is time to change something. And I know what it is.

Audit of life

The first thing I decided to make an audit of my affairs and look from the outside, what do I really do most of the time, as well as what is the most useful.

The best variant in this case is a table with financial accounting of all the affairs that bring you money (be accurate in the figures), and how many time do they take. Such a table sobers even the most defocused man.

Important advice:

Make calculations in peace and tranquility: nothing will distract you from realizing the fact that everything is sad.

Весь фокус в фокусе

Time for changes

Once the calculations are ready and you can clearly see where there is a real feedback, ask yourself the question: “Which of these things I truly love and which one brings maximum satisfaction and joy of life?”.

Be sincere. If you like the business with all your heart, even the hard work and lack of income will not confuse you.

Do not be afraid of losses

But you must clearly understand:

The most valuable resource is time.

And if you see that the business has no future, the sooner you stop, the more time and money you’ll actually save.

Understand what is important

Life is not so long to spend it on  things you don’t like and uninteresting people. Life is a toy store, and we are free to choose something we want to play.

Every day ask yourself:

Is what you’re doing really what you need?

Does it bring you pleasure?

Does it make you happy to wait for the next day and to wake up without an alarm clock?

Is this activity useful?

Does it inspire you?

If the answers to these questions are not positive, forget about this activity. There is nothing more precious than time.

Constant tension and stress

Another side effect of multiple activities: you are always tense. On weekends, in the evening, with friends, with your family. Your phone is constantly ringing. You constantly check mail box.

You are not here and now. You are somewhere between your countless activities and reality.

We are not eternal

Many of us behave as if live is for eternity. But it is not. We are strictly time-limited to stay on this beautiful planet, and we have to constantly remind ourselves of this.

What is really important for you?

What would you do the last six months of your life?

Whom would you spend that time with?

It is not necessary to live one day breaking bad. Remember that we are not eternal, it is very important. Understanding of this will change your attitude to life, environment, work, family.

Make your priorities in life, do not waste your time on the unnecessary things.

Весь фокус в фокусе

Now it’s your turn

The books below will help you to make the cleaning process particularly interesting with the maximum benefit:

Rework” by Jason Fried and David Hansson Haynemayer;
Essentialism”  by Greg McKeon.

In conclusion

Dear friends, alwaays keep your lives in order.

If you do not keep track of what you are doing, your world gets full of junk and unnecessary things.

Do not tolerate this,always be aware and ask yourself the right questions.