Functional training for runners as an alternative to jogging


Not always we have the opportunity to go for a run, but almost always it’s possible to arrange a short functional training, as there are simple exercises that you can to perform in a hotel room or at the nearest park.

Each runner has his favorite exercises in case he suddenly has no opportunity to go for a run.

So, these exercises will take you just 10-20 minutes, and they do not need additional equipment.

You have to choose exercises to arrange them in a certain order, and set the timer to 75 seconds: 60 seconds you perform exercises, and 15 seconds you have a rest and prepare for the next exercise.

After 3-4 weeks you can change the order of the exercises, and then change one or two elements for something new. So, your body will constantly receive new loads and new experiences and develop.

Plea squat with calf rise

Yoga plunk push ups

The angle at the knee of the working leg (which you squat) should be 90 degrees, the second leg knee should almost touch the floor, and the heel when you return to the starting position, on the contrary, should not touch the floor.

Plank (30 seconds)

Side plank

Again ordinary plank (30 seconds)

Leg lift (60 seconds for each leg)

The bridge (60 seconds)

The first level of complexity (basic)

The second level of complexity 

Fire Hydrant Exercise (30 seconds for each side)

The Superman exercise (60 seconds)

You can always change some exercises, if you want.